Your action needed on behalf of LIHTC and NMTC in Indian Country

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Update for NAIHC Legal Symposium attendees: We encourage you to reach out to your representatives to tell them to reauthorize NAHASDA and keep the LIHTC and NMTC programs strong. 

  • Find your representatives’ contact information. Click here to search.
  • Here is some suggested language for sending personal letters or emails:
    • I am writing on behalf of [name of your Tribal Housing Entity or Tribe]. We need the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program to create homes and jobs. Keep it strong.
    • Make NAHASDA reauthorization a high priority! It is essential for developing housing in tribal communities.



We need your help!  The recent election has created a new environment in Washington, D.C.With President-elect Trump set to lead the country, and the House and Senate both controlled by Republicans, tax reform is much more of a political reality.

We’re writing you today because we need to work together to secure two federal programs – the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program and the New Markets Tax Credit program. Are you ready to do your part?

You may be asking: why do we need to act now? Under a process called budget reconciliation, House and Senate leadership can expedite tax reform and limit the ability of opposition to prevent proposals from passing. Proposals only need 51 votes in the Senate. If the House and Senate come to an agreement on a tax reform proposal, they can pass it with little or no Democratic support and send it to President Trump for his signature.

If Congress contemplates any changes to the tax code, we need to be sure the tax credit programs you use to bring critical affordable housing and economic development to Indian Country remain strong and are not eliminated.

Here’s where our combined action is important. We must immediately call our Congressional representatives and remind them how important the LIHTC and NMTC programs are to your community and all of Indian Country. Tell them about your tribe’s successes and continuing needs, invite them to visit and show them how critical these programs are to your tribal members.

This has never been more important than now. Please take every opportunity you can today and over the next two months to introduce, reintroduce and highlight the success of affordable housing and the continued needs in your community.

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Here are three resources that will help you with your calls:

  1. Find your representatives’ contact information. Click here to search.
  1. LIHTC and NMTC success stories to share — Map searchable by state. Here you will find the majority of LIHTC and NMTC projects in Indian Country. View projects in your state here. 
  1. View the ACTION Campaign’s Advocacy Toolkit.

Thank you for your dedication to affordable housing and economic development in Indian Country. We are honored to join you in working to improve financial access for tribes and tribal housing authorities.

Please call me with any questions at 816-994-8970.