Elizabeth Bland Glynn

Elizabeth Bland Glynn

Chief executive officer

You know where you want to go; let us pull some of the weight for you. This has been Travois’ motto since 1995. A lot has changed in the world of Indian Country housing and economic development during that time, but even as we bring new technology and new sources of capital to the table to serve tribes, we remain committed to our original motto.

Leading a company is all about managing change. I grew up in this business and I have worked at every level of our company. I hold a bachelor’s degree in political science from Wake Forest University. In 2015, after 10 years on the job, I completed an Executive Master of Business Administration from Washington University. This was a great opportunity to test new ideas and challenge old assumptions. I learned how to balance calm leadership along with an energetic desire to continue growing.

Indian Country’s housing professionals are the best in the industry because of your dedication to the communities you serve. Following your example, Travois encourages our employees to get involved in their communities as well. Serving as chair of the board of directors for Amethyst Place, an organization that provides housing and services for single moms in recovery, inspires me to do my best every day.

You know where you want to go. As I travel around Indian Country, I hear a desire for more homeownership opportunity. I hear a desire to build communities that are sustainable environmentally, socially and economically. I am excited to work with Indian Country leaders bringing new ideas that are inspired by our decades-old traditions. Call me or email me today to talk about your community’s goals. Along with my team, we can work with you to help carry the weight toward a brighter future.