2023 Materiality Survey Summary Report: Assessing our priorities and performance

At Travois, we are continually seeking opportunities to celebrate our strengths and the accomplishments of our clients, while also listening for ways we can improve our company. We believe this is not just good for business but also essential as a Certified B Corporation using business as a force for good.

Over the past three years, we have conducted materiality surveys to gather feedback from our internal and external partners. The results help us understand the environmental, social, and governance issues most important to them. It also measures our performance in these same areas. When combined, the survey results help us determine our priorities and identify opportunities for improvement.

In late 2023, we sent surveys to 88 internal and external partners and received a response rate of 69%, a strong indicator that our partners are invested in our mission and vision. We are publishing the results in a summary report as part of our effort to ensure transparency and accountability.

“We are grateful to everyone who took the time to complete our materiality survey, providing us with meaningful insights and helping us prioritize our efforts,” said Ashley Bland, chief operating officer of Travois. “We look forward to incorporating the feedback into our day-to-day operations and broader strategic vision.”



Here are some key takeaways from the materiality survey summary report:

  • Our internal and external partners agree that Tribal sovereignty, advocacy and public policy engagement, adding value to critical service services and customer satisfaction should be among our company’s highest priorities.
  • Our internal partners rated our performance the highest in the areas of Tribal sovereignty, mission-aligned giving and providing access to finance to historically under-served markets.
  • External partners agreed we perform the best in providing access to finance to historically under-served markets as well as customer satisfaction and advocacy and public policy engagement.
  • Both our internal and external partners identified diversity, equity and inclusion as an opportunity for improvement. After receiving similar feedback in 2022, we are committed to building upon an action plan developed in 2023 to improve our performance in this area.

To our employees, partners and clients, your feedback is critical to the success of our company. We are grateful to everyone who completed the 2023 materiality survey and commit ourselves to using your insights to continue delivering on our mission and vision.

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