Adam Rose

Adam Rose

Senior project coordinator | Travois

My education and past experiences help me help clients. My master’s degree in urban planning from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, my bachelor’s in political science from Marquette and my Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) designation from the National Association of Homebuilders are important tools.

Before I finished school, I spent a year volunteering for relief efforts in Pass Christian, Mississippi, a town destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I lived in a tent and helped coordinate temporary housing for displaced residents. I saw how quality housing is a basic necessity for a community’s stability and growth.

But my experience growing up in a big family is my most important qualification. I have 35 first cousins. At the end of the day, our work is about serving families. I love working in Indian Country because Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs) put families first.

It is my job to assist TDHEs in putting together the complex financial structures required to help families realize their dreams of homeownership and quality rental housing. I travel all over the country helping TDHEs build consensus around their vision for new housing. My specific experience includes structuring Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects, securing Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grants and closing Title VI loans. I also love to work with TDHEs and tribal leaders at a higher level. I can help you communicate with your community to gain buy-in for the concept that best serves your families.

You can tell me where you want to go: rental housing, homeownership, or a comprehensive mixed-use development. It is my job to help you develop a plan to get to your destination.