Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation receives LIHTC award for 21-unit development

I recently had the opportunity to marvel at some of the scenic beauty of the Northern California coast while spending time with the team of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation (TDN). Check out some of my photos below.

More importantly though, I got to spend my time celebrating TDN’s recent allocation of $1,033,111 of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs) that will help finance most of the costs of the Dat-naa-svt development. Most of our time was spent transitioning into the next critical phase of the project and ensuring the start of construction will begin later this fall.

Not only will the Dat-naa-svt development provide breathtaking views for each of the 21 single-family units (check out some of the views below), it represents a critically important component of the tribe’s holistic strategy to meet the needs of low-income families of the community. Quality and affordable housing would otherwise be unobtainable without TDN’s efforts. This is just one part of their overall commitment to promote self-sufficiency and help families thrive in the future.

Thank you to the TDN housing department team and the tribal council members for your dedication to making this project a reality. We look forward to seeing the faces of the families when they can look out their front window and enjoy the quality of life this project will bring on a daily basis!