Cameron Gilyard

Cameron Gilyard

Project manager | Travois Design

“Makin’ moves” is a phrase that has been with me for a while now. Two people in my life, who are very important to me but never had a chance to meet, often gave me this advice.

To me, it means: be better than you were yesterday. Push yourself to do more than you did yesterday. Continue to elevate yourself and those around you. Keep “makin’ moves.”

I lived by this phrase as I worked through college and earned my bachelor’s degree from Drury University in 2012. I remembered this phrase as I established my career in architecture. I joined Travois in 2018, and I continue to think of this phrase every day in my role as project manager for the Travois Design team, as I help clients through the design and construction process. I think of it as I hit the books and study for the ARE (Architect Registration Examination).

Whether you’re in need of new, affordable housing for families, a health care facility to bring better access to medical services, or a community center to host events, educational meetings and after-school care, I would love to hear how I can help you “make moves” in your community.

Contact Travois today so we can talk about your community’s vision for the future. I can help bring together a team of experts within Travois to help you every step of the way.