Crystal Banks-Mann

Crystal Banks-Mann

Assistant director of asset management | Travois Asset Management & Compliance

Sssshhh. Let’s keep this between you and me. I am a superhero.

OK fine, so I’m not a superhero. But I really love superheroes. If I did have a super power, it would be to magically make all of your asset management problems go away. Honestly though, just emailing me is the next best thing. I have worked in affordable housing for 15 years both inside and outside Indian Country. The challenges TDHEs face are unique. But my experience with other areas of the affordable housing industry is an asset to you. I have been an affordable housing building manager and I can identify with the challenges you face.

Let’s run through the acronyms before I tell you the really important stuff. Ready? Here we go: I am a housing credit certified professional (HCCP), a specialist in housing credit management (SHCM), a housing compliance manager for rural development programs (HCM-R) and a national compliance professional (NCP). As a NAHASDA and tax credit compliance professional (NTCCP), I love to lead trainings in partnership with NAIHC. So, just FYI.

Here is the main reason you should use Travois for your compliance and asset management services: all we have done for 22 years is serve Indian Country, and we love doing it. Our clients have used our services to close and manage $1 billion in investments. If we haven’t yet met, check out this video of Mike Price and me to get an idea of what I am like. Maybe I can be your superhero!