Christmas Family KC

The Travois Anigadugi Volunteer Committee has completed its latest project. We decided to “adopt” a Kansas City family in need this holiday season. (And we’ve recently renamed ourselves. Our office manager is a member of the Cherokee Nation, and she suggested we rename the committee to Anigadugi, a Cherokee word that means “helping each other.” It is pronounced: annie-guh-doo-ghee.)

We partnered with the nonprofit organization Christmas Families KC, which is in its 26th year of organizing holiday donations. The organization operates solely with volunteer help and focuses its efforts toward low income, in-need families around the Kansas City metro area. This year, local organizations and individuals provided donations for more than 1,500 children and 60 separate families through Christmas Families KC.

Travois’ adopted family consisted of five family members. Gifts for the family were divided up between employees. Everyone gladly pitched in! Travois was responsible for purchasing, wrapping (see photo below) and delivering the gifts to the drop-off station.

Many communities have organizations like the one we worked with. If you’re looking for an organization this holiday season and need ideas, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program distributes toys to needy children in Indian Country.

Happy Holidays!

Presents for Christmas Family KC