Looking back at LBHC grand opening

When you spend a lot of time on the road for business, things start to run together. It is often difficult to remember all of the places you have been in a month. It was nice to have this reminder of our assistance to Little Big Horn College in the Tribal College Journal’s spring issue. But I had already had an experience I’ll never forget.

Travois attended the grand opening of Little Big Horn College’s Health and Wellness Center. We sat in a tent with tribal leaders, the former and current LBHC presidents and other government officials. Off to the side, sitting in the sun, were several community elders. We were surrounded on all sides by the men’s and women’s basketball teams — the Rams and the Lady Rams. Dr. David Yarlott described the long process of designing, funding and building the new center. Travois was honored to be mentioned and to receive a beautiful Pendleton blanket along with the other project partners.

In the sense of its environmentally innovative design, the center is like a living building. In the sense of its role in LBHC campus life, the center was alive on this opening day. A nationwide tribal college basketball tournament tipped off after the grand opening. Those of us who attended are proud to wear our commemorative T-shirts around Kansas City. When people ask us about them, we are proud to tell the story of our involvement in LBHC’s growth.

Here are the images that I will always remember about this great day in the history of LBHC:

LBHC grand opening album

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