Phil Glynn

Phil Glynn


My job is to bring as much capital as possible to American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities. These investments help change agents build new health care, education, infrastructure, housing and other developments in their communities. If you want to know specifically how Travois can help you structure your investments, attract capital, design buildings and manage your developments, call or email me any time.

We see value where other people don’t. We identify leaders in local communities who have a vision. We support those leaders as they build consensus around that vision. Once the community gets behind the idea, we provide the capital and technical assistance required to make it a reality. Then we bring in outside investors and show them what you and I already know — that when Indian Country communities come together, there is nothing they can’t accomplish.

After the deal has closed, the doors are open, and the celebration has quieted down, we remain right next to those local leaders. We continue on the journey helping that specific development to succeed while keeping an eye on the horizon for what comes next.

Every day in this job, I find myself relying on the great education I was so blessed to receive. I use my bachelor’s degree in English from Wake Forest University as I write for the Travois blog. I use my master’s degree in public administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City as I work with various levels of tribal and federal government to move projects forward. I use my executive certificate in negotiation from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government every day as I try to get Elizabeth’s and my three kids fed, brushed, dressed, combed and off to school on time.

Then I settle into my desk here at Travois and do what I love to do: listen to Indian Country’s most dynamic community economic development professionals talk about their vision for the future. Then we work together to make it a reality.