Our interest for Pinterest

Pinterest logo

For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, this simple explanation from the website sums it up pretty well: “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.”

I love using Pinterest as a way to browse ideas for a variety of things such as recipes or craft projects, but it is also particularly useful for saving design ideas and cataloguing inspirational images for future projects.

I set up an account for Travois and have created several “boards” to keep up with our work and other design inspiration on the web. Be sure to check out TravoisKC. You don’t have to have your own account to browse our boards.

If you are not already a member, consider giving it a try! It’s free to join.

Here are ways to participate:

  • Join Pinterest and follow TravoisKC
  • Browse and be inspired!
  • Let us know when you see interesting things online that deserve recognition or a “pin” on one of our boards.

Here is a quick summary of our boards on the Travois account:

White Earth IV

Travois Design Portfolio Board (a place to brag about our design work and keep track of our projects when posted online). The photo above is from the White Earth IV project.

Travois Design Inspiration Board (a place to save images of ideas and websites for new products or materials)

Kansas City Board (some links for fun things to do in our hometown – could be helpful if you are planning to join us for our conference in September!) 

Tribal Projects Board (a place to showcase the work our clients are doing across Indian Country – both housing and economic development)

Green Building Ideas and Examples Board (a place to keep track of new green building techniques and materials)

Tribal Community Photos Board (a place to save photos and link to information online about what our clients are up to)

Travois Travels Board (a place to save some of the photos we collect while we are on the road – scenic shots and fun things we come across in our travels)

Travois at Work Board (a peek at our own office in Kansas City, MO, and some of the fun activities we do when we aren’t hard at work)