Ashley Bland

Ashley Bland

Chief operating officer

I spend my days interacting with our staff who work in the areas of affordable housing, economic development, design, and asset management and compliance, and our internal teams who handle administrative, marketing and communications and finance responsibilities.

I help make things run smoothly. It’s my job to craft Travois’ policies, procedures and best practices to ensure that the needs of clients, investors and other stakeholders are met across all areas of business.

I have served our clients since 2005, with roles on Travois Asset Management and Compliance, Travois Design and the management team. I have spent hundreds of hours talking to Tribal entities about their development needs and goals and have worked with some of the greatest developers in America.

My extensive experience in affordable housing provides me with a holistic view of Travois and its services. I weigh each company decision on how it will affect families years down the road — from families living in homes we help finance or using community centers we help design to the families of our staff.