Ashley Bland

Ashley Bland

Director | Travois Design

I admit it. We are a little unusual. We design like architects, but we think like business people.

Our design and construction services team works in tandem with the rest of the Travois staff. While we are laser-focused on high-quality, energy-efficient, culturally relevant design, our other colleagues give us a wider perspective. The conversation around the coffeepot and the lunch table is bigger than design. I spend my entire day interacting with finance, administration, policy and program experts. This means, when my team designs a new housing or economic development project, we can put ourselves in your shoes.

I spend a lot of time talking to Tribal entities about their development needs and goals. You can email me any time. It motivates me to continue to build a team of architects and construction experts that can provide a variety of services customized to the needs to tribal communities. We meet with so many clients that have talked of various consultants and designers about ideas and plans without finding a way to bring all the components together and get the project off the ground. I’m proud of the value Travois Design brings to our projects. We will plan, dream and design, but always with the end goal to make things happen.

I have more than 15 years of experience working on low income housing projects. My favorite part of traveling all these years is spending time with our clients — the best developers in America. You do forward-thinking developments that serve great families and build strong communities.

Get in touch with me today. We are ready to work with you from the charette and preliminary design phase through grand opening and beyond.