Taking advantage of the last few days of summer in northern Michigan

On a recent trip to the Lac Vieux Desert Health Center, I was struck by the amazing opportunities we have at Travois to see the country. It is easy to fall into the trap of rushing from the airport to the site and back home without taking advantage.

From Hawaii to Alaska to Montana and beyond, our customers do their work in some of America’s most beautiful regions. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan in late summer is no exception.


The LVD Golf Course provides a great walking tour of lakes, marshlands and forests. It is also good exercise as the late summer mosquitos discourage lingering too long over any particular putt. To play this course in September, you have to keep moving.

Not far away from the new health center, I found a quiet spot in the Ottawa National Forest before heading back to the airport. Just off the road you can see Burned Dam Falls.


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