TBJ: Sharing important stories

My list of must-read media outlets that report on Indian Country has grown from Indian Country Today Media Network, National Native News and the Tribal College Journal to now include one more: the Tribal Business Journal.

I look forward to receiving a new issue of this beautiful full-color magazine in the mail each month and I’m always impressed with the stories of Native entrepreneurs and tribally-owned businesses that are making a difference around the country.

Tribal Business Journal sections include: Up & Coming Tribal Leaders, Tribal Business Opportunities & Trends, Tribalnomics & Native Insights, Legislative Updates & Business Impact, and more.

Here are two recent stories that caught my attention:

In case you missed it, the Tribal Business Journal featured Travois in its January 2017 issue in an Entrepreneurial Spirit Profile. Monica Whitepigeon wrote the article, titled: “Travois: Consulting on More than Investor Equity,” and included Travois CEO Elizabeth Bland Glynn‘s perspective. View a digital copy of the article here.

Congrats, TBJ, on more than a year of great stories, and keep up the excellent work!

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