Beth Kapp

Beth Kapp

Communications director

What does it mean to be Travois’ communications director? It means I am your megaphone. Bring me your success stories, bring me your policy concerns, tell me what your community means to you.

Travois has been successful in bringing $1.4 billion to Indian Country by changing perceptions. For many people outside the Southwest or Great Plains, their only connection to Indian Country might be what they learned in a high school history class or saw in a movie. They don’t know what we know.

They don’t know that Indian Country tax credit developments are the safest and strongest in America. They don’t know that Indian tribes are job-creating engines in their regions. They don’t know all the amazing things our clients have done with our capital and services. Contact Travois today so we can tell them. Let’s get every investor to see Indian Country as a hot market by changing perceptions one mind at a time.

I have bachelor’s degrees in print journalism and Spanish from the University of St. Thomas as well as a certificate in desktop publishing from the Kansas City Art Institute. I have the tools, the experience and the desire to help you tell your story.