Derek Hawkins

Derek Hawkins

Compliance Specialist | Travois Asset Management & Compliance

As a compliance specialist, it’s my job to ensure that qualified households are moving into our clients’ properties in accordance with each state’s rules and guidelines. Some of my job responsibilities include assisting clients with investor and state reporting, updating rent and income limits and collaborating with investors to streamline the file review process.

Providing assistance and working with others to achieve their goals is one of my biggest inspirations. At Travois, I strive to be a loyal, self-motivated, and level-headed team member who can help our clients navigate the complicated compliance requirements. This helps ensure affordable housing remains accessible to families and elders in Native communities into the future.

When I’m not at the office, you’ll likely find me spending time with my wife and daughter. On weekends, I enjoy playing golf, watching football, baseball, or golf, or getting with friends for game nights. I graduated with a degree in business administration from Missouri Western State University, where I played on the men’s golf team.

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