Laura Goodhart

Laura Goodhart

Administrative assistant

I have always loved helping people! Before coming here, I was a stay-at-home mom for my twins and helped care for my granny. I also worked as a paraprofessional for special needs children.

As administrative assistant for Travois, my job is to help people who call on the phone or visit our office — to connect them with the right person to get them the information they need or talk about their visions for their communities. I also work with vendors and suppliers to help keep our office stocked and up and running.

My family has the most influence on my life. My dad has a huge, loud Irish/Italian Catholic family that mostly lives within a 10-mile radius in Kansas City. I’m proud to work for a company whose mission is helping other families around the country — providing job opportunities, building quality, affordable housing and improving access to critical services like medical and dental care.

When I get up in the morning, I know I’m going to a great place to work. Our team truly cares about our clients.

Contact Travois today if there is anything I can do to connect you to the right person at Travois to help you help the families in your community.