Rachael Rider

Rachael Rider

Project assistant | Travois

I’ve learned it’s really important to look for the good in every situation. I’ve also learned once you find the good, it’s just as important to celebrate it.

I’ve found a lot of good while working on the development team these past few years. There is an underrated amount of hard work and dedication that goes into what makes up an LIHTC application — countless hours of revisions and research — all while staying in accordance with what each state agency requires.

Each tribal entity we work alongside has made the decision to find the good in their community; whether it be the perfect location for a new senior center building or a stretch of homes in need of rehabilitation. Each development’s end result brings together all of the good that has been planted every step of the way. It is a direct result of community leaders finding potential to create something to be celebrated within their community.

I joined Travois because of my experiences as an educator and my work with an international NGO. These experiences have taught me the importance of clear communication and community-based development.

Our Indian Country clients have been successful because they clearly communicate their housing visions and rally the community behind them. There is so much good to be found in Indian County, and I am grateful to celebrate it with you.

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