Making sustainability a sustainable part of our business

Native communities have been leading the way in sustainability for decades. Scan the project map on our website — of all our clients have achieved — and you will notice sustainability is a consistent theme. You can see it on the rooftops of the Yukon Koyukuk Elder Assisted Living Facility, the Bois Forte Community Redevelopment Corporation and the Shoulderblade Complex.

Our motto is “you know where you want to go; let us pull some of the weight for you.” Indian Country has made it clear since 1995 that a low-carbon future is the destination. After all that we have learned, by partnering with our clients and investing in green technology for our office building, Travois is putting a focus on climate change at the center of our strategy.

In the coming years, we will be seeking to expand our network in the world of climate change mitigation and adaptation finance. We have already seen overlaps between this new network and the network of Indian Country housing and community development partners we have built over two decades. The more these networks merge, the quicker we can scale up the capital solutions required to implement the technologies that are already available today.

Last week, at Climate Week NYC, we continued to make new connections. We continued to learn about new sources of capital to, among other things, help Native communities who are coping with sea level rise. We were exhibitors at the Sustainable Investment Forum. There we found many like-minded companies and organizations in a range of allied industries. By learning from the solutions already being implemented in other communities and sharing our clients’ successes, we opened up interesting new conversations.

In the evenings we were able to continue conversations at some fun spots around the “City that Never Sleeps.” We are grateful to Climate Action and our fellow sponsors for a successful week. Look back for more information on our blog, on next year’s conference agenda and in your conversations with Travois team members about these important topics. If you are grappling with the impacts of climate change in your community and are looking for new financial tools, get in touch with us today.