Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority to build new 30-unit multifamily development

The Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority (PAHA) recently closed with equity investor Raymond James Tax Credit Funds (RJTCF) to begin construction on $7.5 million affordable housing development. The new development will include 30 housing units, a community building and an outdoor recreation area for its community members on the Acoma Indian Reservation in Pueblo of Acoma, N.M.

“The Low Income Housing Tax Credit allowed us to create a development that will increase opportunity and strengthen the social and economic health of our community,” said Floyd Tortalita, executive director of PAHA. “We are happy to announce that new homes and amenities are coming to Pueblo of Acoma.”

The new development, PAHA Homes #2, is the housing authority’s second Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project and second partnership with project investor RJTCF and general contractor Pavilion Construction. With a 2020 LIHTC award from the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, PAHA will receive over $5.7 million in investor equity from RJTCF for the development.

“Raymond James Tax Credit Funds is proud to once again work with Floyd Tortalita and the Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority on a really exciting project,” said Ben Shockey, associate director of acquisitions for RJTCF. “Floyd has assembled a great team for this project and his staff at PAHA are a pleasure to work with. With the first project located directly north, this neighborhood will now boast 60 units of attractive, quality, and affordable housing that the community can take pride in. Congratulations to all involved!”

The 30 housing units will be divided between three multifamily buildings. Two of the buildings will house 12 units and the third will house six. The development design is a modern translation of the original multifamily community atop the mesa. Pueblo of Acoma’s original dwellings were built over 1,000 years ago. A walking path will connect the new development to PAHA’s first LIHTC development with matching architecture.

The new 1,786-square-foot community building includes a large meeting room and kitchen. The development includes picnic tables, a bike and walking path, playground and recreation space, and a full basketball court. Construction will begin in April 2021.

PAHA partnered with Travois for consulting and architectural services.

“We congratulate PAHA as its second LIHTC development begins construction,” said Bryan Schuler, vice president for affordable housing at Travois. “From project conception, PAHA has been focused on its goal to provide housing and economic development opportunities to its community in a smart way. We are proud to partner with PAHA on this important project.”

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