Big news for Blackfeet!

The Montana Board of Housing (MBOH) recently awarded $677,500 in Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTCs) to Blackfeet Housing for its sixth project! Blackfeet Homes #6 will develop 30 new homes on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, MT.

I traveled with Blackfeet Housing last Monday to attend the MBOH meeting, where the board members determined the awards in person. It was an anxious time listening to each project’s representative make one last statement of support to the board. Chancy Kittson, executive director of Blackfeet Housing, and I were extremely relieved and excited when the Blackfeet Homes #6 project was nominated and awarded credits.

“Blackfeet Housing values our partnership and is pleased with Montana Board of Housing’s decision to award tax credits to the Blackfeet Tribe,” Chancy said. “With the LIHTC program being the only non-loan funding resource available to tribes for new development, the LIHTC program is vital to our success.”

The 30-home project consists of a mix of three-bedroom and four-bedroom homes. All homes are designed to be extremely energy efficient with Energy Star appliances and Montana building products and will include low- or no-VOC paint, water efficient landscaping, and water-flow-saving devices. These features will substantially reduce utility bills for tenants.

The project will also include a basketball court, playground and outdoor community gathering spaces for the residents to enjoy. The total development cost of the project is $6.8 million.

Blackfeet Housing is an expert developer, completing its most recent LIHTC project in 2015. Blackfeet Homes #5, a new construction project that built 24 single-family homes (pictured below), sits between two existing tax credit developments on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Travois Design & Construction Services (TD&CS), was the architect for the project and also provided construction monitoring services. Check out more beautiful photos on the Blackfeet Homes #5 project page.

“Under the LIHTC program the Blackfeet Tribe has rehabbed 50 units and completed new construction on 104 units,” Chancy said. “Without the LIHTC program these units would not have been constructed.”

For this latest project, Blackfeet Housing will be the general contractor, and we hope to start construction this spring. TD&CS is again providing architectural design and construction monitoring services for Blackfeet Homes #6. Below are renderings for the three-bedroom and four-bedroom units.

Congratulations, Blackfeet Housing! I’m happy to be working with you on this great project!

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