Trent Rogers

Trent Rogers

Senior project manager | Travois

I love riding motorcycles. The rush and pleasure I get from riding are nearly incomparable.

Helping a client through the journey of an affordable housing development has a lot in common with riding. We encounter obstacles along the way, bumps and roadblocks, but together, we take on the challenges and adapt to the unexpected.

The journey’s end — new homes for families who need them — makes all the hard work worth it.

My bachelor’s degree in psychology from Creighton University and my law degree and Tribal Lawyer certificate from the University of Kansas exposed me to a great diversity of ideas and people. I learned even more working directly with tribal governments at the KU Tribal Law and Government Center. I experience that same diversity on a day-to-day basis as senior project coordinator with Travois.

I love working at Travois because every single day is different, every tribe and every development (and every road) is unique.

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