Wow! Blackfeet Housing making progress on Blackfeet Homes #6

Construction is underway for Blackfeet Homes #6 in Browning, MT. And, wow! I was really blown away by the progress that Blackfeet Housing has made.

Construction started slowly due to a long and severe winter, but they have been rapidly making up time. It was really neat to see the construction crews, nearly all of whom are Blackfeet tribal members, working hard to complete the 30 single-family homes. (Read more about the development here.)

For me personally, the trip was notably special because this was the first time I was able to visit a project while it is still under construction. In my role as a project coordinator, most of my work comes on the front end – applying for tax credits, securing an award (read more on Blackfeet #6’s award here) and closing with an equity investor.

When construction begins, and the project transitions to Travois Design and Travois Asset Management, my involvement diminishes.

Groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies for other developments I’ve worked on have all been very exciting events, but this was a great experience to see an active project site with over 25 homes under construction simultaneously.

It really made my work feel even that much more tangible.

Of course, when you visit Blackfeet, you also have to take a trip to Glacier National Park. The Blackfeet Homes #6 site sits right outside the park, and you can see the rising mountain peaks from the homes. The future tenants will have a pretty amazing view.

This was a really fulfilling trip, and I am proud to continue to work with Blackfeet Housing. I’m so impressed with Blackfeet’s construction to date and I cannot wait to see the homes fully complete!

Check out Travois Design’s renderings of the homes here

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