Travois headquarters gets its power from the sun

Solar panels at Travois' headquarters
Solar panels at our headquarters

We recently finished construction on a 75-kilowatt solar array that will completely offset our annual electrical needs at our headquarters in Kansas City, Mo. Not only are these solar panels making electricity from the sun, but they are providing this office with a cool canopy that we will use to shade a rooftop patio that will overlook downtown Kansas City.

The solar panels sit 20 feet above the roof, creating a pretty cool image from any angle in the city. We hope to complete the patio space this summer. It will provide a nice break from the daily grind for our team members and visitors. We welcome anyone who would like to see the panels and discuss more about the project and our office.

Travois has always been an environmentally conscious company, but now we have real stats and renewable energy to support and promote the work we do. The 330 individual panels, connected to six direct current (DC) inverters, will produce an estimated 90,000 kw hours of electricity per year and offset the equivalent of driving a car 235,000 miles, which is good because at Travois we put a lot of miles on the road. The great information that we have learned from this project will help us promote the use of solar and other renewable energy sources across Indian County.

The same day we turned on our solar panels, a Kansas City TV station, WDAF-TV Fox 4, came by and broadcast a story about our building on the evening and morning news. Check it out here.

Click here for a link to our press release that goes into more detail about the financing and construction of the project. For more information about that other cool building in the background click here. It is the brand new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

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