Call for projects: Show the strength of Indian Country pipeline

When it comes to New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs), you and I know that Indian Country has the safest projects with the strongest impacts. Leaders in American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities are serving the lowest incomes with the highest needs by creating jobs and opportunities.

The NMTC program has been and must continue to be a powerful tool Native leaders can use to develop their communities.

Travois will soon submit its application for NMTC allocation and already has a strong pipeline of projects. But even if we haven’t met you at our annual conference or through a trusted reference, we still want to know about your opportunities.

Email me at if you have an infrastructure, community development, business, homeownership or other project that needs financing in 2016. We will work with you to understand the capital it needs and the impact it makes.

We intend to impress the CDFI Fund with the amazing things leaders are doing in Indian Country every day. If you have a story to tell about your plans for 2016, let us help you share it.

4 thoughts on “Call for projects: Show the strength of Indian Country pipeline

  1. Working on a project in Florida with a local Native American partner. Do you have a national footprint?

  2. Phil:
    Seneca continues to plan for Assisted Living/Skilled nursing for our elders. What experience does Travois have with assisted living projects. Are there any other tribes with whom you have worked with?

  3. Hi, Lucille – Travois has experience with developing housing for elders including assisted living. Please check out the assisted living project sponsored by the Yukon-Koyukuk Elder Assisted Living Consortium in Alaska:

    The important thing to remember with these projects is that they must derive at least 20% of their income from nonresidential sources. Typically, this is relatively easy to do with assisted living developments.

    Please email me directly at so we can continue the conversation.

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