Connecting our clients and the climate-change world

Earlier this year, Travois attended the Sustainable Investment Forum (SIF16) in New York City. 

As a conference sponsor, we had the opportunity to create a video explaining Travois and our clients’ important housing and economic development work in hopes of expanding our network in the world of climate change mitigation and adaptation finance. It is not often enough that these two industries collide.

Travois is working to increase the flow of renewable energy, mitigate the impacts of climate change and help communities adapt for resilience. By attending these important discussions to learn more, and the more these networks merge, the quicker we can scale up the capital solutions required to implement the technologies that are already available today.

We also attended the Sustainable Innovation Forum in Marrakech, Morocco — shortly after the election of President-elect Trump — to continue our talks about Indian Country housing and economic development.

Our goal is to bring international financial and technical resources to the table to help Native communities adapt to climate change in the U.S. The world is moving forward to implement the Paris agreement with or without the U.S. Indian Country can’t be held back by domestic policies, so it is important to reach out to international partners.

Too many advanced economies are already on board. Too many global corporations have already started down the path toward a low-carbon future. There is simply too much money to be made in the green economy for the rest of the world to turn back now.

We are committed to assisting our clients to a low-carbon future.