Creating homes for families with Travois as a partner: Four steps in six minutes

The goal of every affordable housing project our clients undertake — the most rewarding part — is creating homes for families.

In 21 years in business, we have helped clients build or rehabilitate over 5,100 homes — meaning we’ve reached that shared goal thousands of times.

How do we help our clients get there? Over these last two decades, our Travois team members have become the industry leaders in applying the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program in Indian Country. The LIHTC program is complex and detailed, but we’ve done it all before — hundreds of times.

Each project is unique, but all Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects share the same four steps — application, closing, construction and compliance. We’ve created a six-minute video to explain these steps and how our team members are involved at each step.

We are dedicated to helping clients successfully navigate a complex process – and create homes for families. Please watch below to learn more.


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