Our new database: Serving clients with speed, security and efficiency

New database - Travois Asset Management

Since 2003, Travois has helped tribes with the compliance and management of their tax credit projects. Over the past 13 years, we’ve streamlined processes and added many new services to better serve clients, but none quite as important as our latest feature — a fully functional and secure database that we custom-built and own exclusively.

The database allows our staff to have instant, online access to your project details, which allows us to automatically notify you about important deadlines, alert you about upcoming reporting requirements like re-certifications, and will reduce the time our staff spends gathering information. This means we can answer your questions faster and help you better manage multiple projects with more user-friendly forms and documents.

We are the only firm providing this unique tool. No off-the-shelf product fit our work in Indian Country, so we made the commitment to build something that will be useful for decades to come. We commissioned this database to be built specifically for Travois. It combines many of the features used by other Low Income Housing Tax Credit industry firms, while adding specific features unique to Indian Country. It also incorporates project-specific rules and regulations to ensure you are meeting your compliance requirements.

This tool will allow us to go virtually “paperless,” reducing our environmental impact and ensuring greater security of your documents. Information is electronically stored in a central database with a server located both in our office and in an extremely secure off-site storage facility that is continually backed-up.

Privacy and security are critical in our industry. The challenge of data privacy is to utilize data while protecting individuals’ privacy preferences and their personally identifiable information. Privacy concerns exist wherever personally identifiable information or other sensitive information is collected, stored, used, and finally destroyed or deleted.

In the past, several of our clients have either lost tenant information due to a computer virus, fire or other catastrophe or have been targeted by hackers who hold their information hostage demanding a ransom for it to be returned.

We spent countless hours developing this database with an extreme emphasis on designing it to detect potential data breaches and prevent them by monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data.

Now you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is safe, secure and in good hands (and recoverable).

If you have any questions or want more details about the database, email me at mprice@travois.com.