Progress and technology at Warm Springs

(Article co-authored by Adam Teefey, architect)

The Warm Springs Housing Authority recently closed with its equity investor, Prestige Affordable Housing Equity Partners, on the financing of a $9.7 million new construction project. The Greeley Heights project is the first tribal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) project in Oregon in more than 20 years. It will build 35 single-family detached homes and a beautiful new community amenity on the Warm Springs Reservation.

Now that the financing of the project is in place, the real fun has begun as construction moves forward. The project is financed by: $7,374,814 in investor equity, $305,966 in Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grant funds from the FHLB-Seattle, and an award of General Housing Account Program (GHAP) funds from Oregon Housing and Community Services. The Warm Springs Housing Authority has engaged Advanced Native Construction, a local Oregon contractor with a portfolio of tribal projects throughout the Northwest, to serve as the general contractor for the project.

In just three short months since construction started, the housing authority and Advanced Native Construction have made great progress in constructing the homes and community building, which were designed by Travois’ design team. The project is 19 percent complete with foundations and framing well underway on many of the units.

To document progress at the site, Advanced Native Construction has integrated the use of drone technology into the project. The technology not only captures progress but also provides a great perspective on the construction of the entire site.

With this technology, Advanced Native Construction is able to capture stunning aerial photos and videos. Check out the photos and videos below and check back in the future to see construction progress at Warm Springs.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3