Teefey Travels: Take three

Adam Teefey

One of the great things about working with clients in so many different parts of the country is that I get to see places I would not typically have the opportunity to visit.

From prairies to deserts to mountains, I never get bored with the changing scenery and always try to remain cognizant of how lucky I am to have these experiences while working to serve Indian Country.

Here are a few photos I have taken so far this year.

The calmness of this picture greatly contrasts the chaotic afternoon surrounding it. After traveling over 1,300 miles from Kansas City to Nevada, I was within about 20 miles of the construction site when I received a call from the project’s construction manager.

He instructed me to turn around and to head back to Reno due to flash flooding and high winds, which made it unsafe to travel any further. After being rerouted, due to multiple roads closures, I found myself on a small country road where this rainbow suddenly presented itself for a brief moment.

I pulled over and snapped this photo before commuting back to the airport past flooded pastures and overturned semitrucks.

After a very hot construction progress visit of the Yavapai-Apache Nation Homes #5 community building (temps got around 110 degrees), I enjoyed the evening taking in the views of the sandstone formations that surround the valley. As the sun sets, the formations glow a brilliant red and orange. Here is one picture I took that night. You can see the Cathedral Rock on the far right.

Just a few days removed from my trip to Arizona, I was in the Sierra Nevada Mountains visiting one of our California projects. I started my week in the scorching desert heat and ended it hiking in the snow. The lake and snowcapped mountains provided such a contrast from the red and dry landscape from earlier in the week. This picture was taken on Echo Summit near Lake Tahoe.


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