Teefey’s travels – take two

Adam Teefey

In the last six months since Architect Adam Teefey first shared his travel photos with us, he’s been all over the map – going from northern Minnesota to crossing the Pacific and visiting Glacier National Park in Montana, and up to Northern California, and back home again.

He snaps beautiful photographs in between visiting projects under construction, leading design charettes and meeting with clients. Here’s our second roundup of his favorite travel photos from these trips, and the stories behind them. (We call him Teefey around the office, since there’s another Adam.)


Teefey said: “I had just finished up my monthly construction site visit for a LIHTC project with the Washoe Housing Authority and decided to take Carson Pass up towards Lake Tahoe. I got a glimpse of this lake while driving, so I pulled over and hiked down in the snow to grab a photo.”


Teefey said: “I was attending the AMERIND/NAIHC Annual Conference this year in Hawaii. I was late to arrive to the luau dinner and luckily found an open seat that was up front and center stage — the perfect spot to snap a few photos of the sun setting behind the performers.”


Teefey said: “After completing a LIHTC design charrette with Blackfeet Housing, I decided to take the scenic route back to the hotel, driving on Going To The Sun Road — which took me right through the heart of Glacier National Park. It seemed like every turn we made presented an impressive photo opportunity.”


Teefey said: “After a visit with Red Lake Reservation Housing Authority, I took the road less traveled through Itasca State Park and did a short hike around one of the 10,000 lakes that Minnesota boasts about. I was able to grab this photo between swarming flies, mosquitos and dragonflies, which was the reason for the short hike.”

Thank you, Teefey!

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