Community facility and offices to be rehabbed with Red Cliff Rehab #2

In addition to rehabilitating 38 housing units, Red Cliff Rehab #2, developed by the Red Cliff Chippewa Housing Authority (RCCHA), will also rehabilitate the existing community services facility that houses RCCHA’s offices.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects can provide funding to build or rehabilitate community facilities while also improving housing. RCCHA is taking advantage of this option and is making great progress on its project!

Recently, it has gone out to bid in the hopes of bringing on a general contractor as a construction manager early in the process.

I’ve enjoyed working on the architectural designs for the project — both for the homes and the community spaces. During our initial design charrette in July, we visited the homes that will be rehabbed and discussed modifications. For the community spaces, we discussed the community’s needs, how the kitchen functions, what changes can be made to make it more useable and visitors’ and staff’s needs.

Before the project could go out to bid, our Travois Design & Construction Services team created designs and presented them to a steering committee established by RCCHA and Red Cliff’s Housing Board for review and approval.

The renovations will add approximately 1,300 square feet to both the housing authority and the community center. Office space for the housing authority will include a break room, storage space, and a conference room.

Renovations will include an updated commercial kitchen, community room, meeting space, work rooms and accessible bathrooms. The updated community facility will give residents a great space for social gatherings, family services and foster community pride.

The renovated building will also add a covered walkway linking it to the Elder’s Center.

We are excited to work with the construction team to see this venture become a reality and are honored to be part of Red Cliff’s team. Our next milestone is closing with an investor!


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  1. I like the bold lines and the traffic flow. It has a tribal feel that fits the land and the tribe well.

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