You think you know Travois…

But when you take a look at our 2011 annual report numbers, you might be surprised at what we’ve been up to. What began in 1995 with Travois Inc. helping tribes develop Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects has grown to include our Asset Management company, which keeps clients in compliance with regulations, our New Markets Tax Credit company, which assists with economic development, our Design & Construction Services company, which takes a project from architectural and engineering plans to construction inspections, and finally our Environmental Services company, which manages all the land issues for tribal customers.

Check out our 2011 numbers to see how much equity we raised for housing in Indian Country, how much New Markets allocation was deployed, how many units we inspected, how many families were moved into new homes,  and how many miles our staff members traveled to get boots on the ground to ensure that projects proceed as desired.

Download the annual report here.